It’s time to ditch the game of “how much can I bear?” and master the game of “how good can it get? 

Nope, There’s Nothing Wrong With You 

The Simple Explanation for Why You're Not Achieving Your Big Dreams, Working Too Hard, Making Too Little, and Feeling Stuck...  

Even Though You Know You’re Here to Do Great Things

February 29th at 3pm ET / 12pm PT

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That feeling in you that something is holding you back is speaking a deep truth to you.  

It’s time to name the invisible inner barrier that is keeping women like you from embodying their gifts and fully sharing them with the world--while feeling peaceful, relaxed, and abundant.  

Survival is not what you’re here for.  

You are here to be every bit of the powerhouse you know you are capable of being.  

While not sacrificingーbut thriving in every area of your life.  

It’s time to ditch the game of “how much can I bear?” and master the game of “how good can it get?” 

This FREE Masterclass LIVE with Dr. Valerie Rein is for you if: 

  • You know in your heart and soul that you’re here to shine brighter and give bigger than you have been… but something is quietly stopping you.
  • You’ve heard the calling of your mission (or you KNOW it’s there!) and you’re ready to play your part, you know your time is now, and you’re very frustrated that these invisible inner barriers keep getting in your way!  
  • You’ve always had a sense of being “not enough”, but no matter how much work you do you never seem to get to the root of that feeling so you can finally free yourself.
  • You often seem to get distracted or pulled away from jumping in with both feet to focus on your goals.
  • You have this ever-present sense that all of these things are simply flaws that you personally have and not the result of an outside force. 

Come join Dr. Valerie Rein LIVE as she reveals the true source of our internal captivity so that freedom can be yours once and for all.

February 29th at 3pm ET / 12pm PT